Makeup is an art form. Every stroke of your brush, every pigment placed perfectly, and every sweep of lipstick creates a masterpiece. You are an artist, and makeup is your medium. Musée Beauty understands this because we were created by people like you. We’re a collective of creatives that use makeup to innovate and express ourselves. 

Art has inspired people for thousands of years— It’s started wars, influenced religion, and shaped culture. Art has recorded the birth of civilization and the fall of empires. We believe that inspiration for makeup can be drawn by looking through art history. This is why we created Musée Beauty.

Join our community of creators, disruptors, and visionaries and help us change the perception of makeup. Keep your eye out for new product launches, and stay engaged with us on our social media (@museebeauty). We can’t wait to start a movement with you.

Proudly based in sunny Austin, TX.

Kaya and Tara, sisters and founders of Musée Beauty